Thursday, September 04, 2008

Down the Road I walk, and there stands Mary

When I was in Bath and Bristol we stayed at the Novotel in Bristol, it was lush.

We normally stay in Premer Lodges, or other budget lines where we can. Novotel do a nice Flex rate which is really cheap and we stayed three nights for the price of one night on normal!

The restaurant was a bit great too. Lovely evening meals and the best fresh breakfasts. it did feel like being abroad tho - every single member of staff (with the exception of the one with the hair which Tool liked) was foreign. Polish, German, Chinese, Swedish, it was amazing.

Bristol we had a walk around in the evening on Saturday night. No matches that night.
The waterside is lovely, and I would have enjoyed it all the more if I didn't have flipping high shoes on. Humph. the price of being gorgeous. We had a meal in alovely restauarant and Si and Eilidh tried to set fire to the table, and I had to dispose of the wax.
Bath is beautiful. You can feel the age in it. Maybe if we had wandered around Bristol a bit more I would have felt it there to. I did take a wee quick tour round the Roman Baths.
How totally amazing. They are just like you would imagine - exactly as they were in Roman times I presume. Some places have been excavated so that you can see the original floors. And the little spa / jacussi bits are very obvious.
Also found a gorgeous fudge maker. Jees,. You could have spent hundreds in there. The stuff was magnificent. We settled for Banoffee and Walnut and Chocolate. It was fab.
the only downside of the trip was that boy couldnt join us on our excursions! i like having all my family around.

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