Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Who Could Hang a Name on You?

Back to work! Wow I was tired. Still on a high from the weekend and the boy's success.

Both kids were in the door only a matter of hours, and they were back out again to train for some more volleyball. I suppose that is the only way they are going to get anywhere. Good On them! They should really inspire me to be a bit more active... maybe once I wake up.

Tooli (left) is all happy cause she has a tournament at the weekend, and this time I can watch her being great!

Work was astonishing. IT people had taken my laptop, "because I had reported a virus".

Erm, I reported the virus about 5 weeks ago, and resorted to a home call out to fix it cause I was fed up waiting.

But in "fixing" it for me, they discovered something REALLY bad, and had taken it away to completely rebuild it over the weekend. - Humph. Is Tuesday and it isn't ready, and they wanted me to reinstall all the software.

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