Tuesday, September 09, 2008

A friend of a friend he got beaten......

O M G I Can't Believe it. I could just go on quoting Kaiser Chiefs. I could.

its just been one of those weeks.

I've been face down at work to prepare for year end, but it all went to pot. My Laptop got nicked last week - the IT engineers took it away and I didn't get it back til Thursday, when It did come back, it had no programmes on it, and the keyboard was buggared. I've jumped around three different desks and most of my work is now sitting in a two foot high pile of paper on my desk.

The rest of the office are decamping to Southampton today, and all went into panic mode as they ran of Boat Specs and Price Lists and collated a stationery room size box of Stationery to take with them.

On top of this Accountant arrived, and kept asking me for bits of paper / reconciliations which I was able to provide him with, but in between fixing everyone else's spreadsheets and printers.

He left at Lunchtime, I was still running round. By 3 pm I started to sort my bits of paper out. Today I can go in, and start filing 2 weeks work, and processing all the entries I haven't processed up til now.

Thankfully I had an appointment with Sam last night. I don't care so much about my lovely acrylic nails, (well I do actually), but see just having an hour or so of chat and giggling. It is very relaxing.

I came home and Boy was jumping around wanting a driving lesson. So we waited til Si came home and off we set.

That was fun.

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