Sunday, September 07, 2008

If Happy Little Blue Birds Fly, Above the Rainbow...

Yesterday was great. Despite the non-appearance of Kez.

Kirst and Me, tried to meet on the train, but Kirst has a problem with which end of a train is which and which platform she should be standing on.

I could see her as I leaned out the door, but she couldn't see me, and once she was on - she was trapped beneath the armpit of a Scotland Fan.

Once we arrived at Central Station Kirst presented me with my Pound Shop gifts. Toffeefee and A Harry Potter, which we agreed I would give to Steven - Is his birthday today.

We decided that we would get the bus to Kelvingrove - give Kerry time to catch us up at the Museum, however, we were sidetracked by Fridays and the prospect of the cocktail - which would also give Kerry more time to arrive.

Friday's however didn't want to serve us - we were ignored for over 10 minutes. Eventually in embarassment we walked out. - I've just written to complain to them. HA!

We heade to the Social where we were received gratefully and ordered a White Russian and Pink Passion and Two Oatcakes (shooters -yummy). We downed them quickly and made our way round to the tourist office where we picked up our bus tickets.

The bus wasnt' leaving for 20 minutes so we popped into the Copthorn hotel which was full of Football fans and we grabbed another drinky and then headed to the Bus. I love open topped buses. Are Brilliant.

It was quite blowy and Kirst was getting blown around everywhere, I don't care cause my hair is a mess all the time, but she was quite distressed by it all. We seen loads of Glasgow. I'll upload the photos in a minute.....

We seen a lot of Glasgow - I tried to take artistic photos.... quite difficult on a Glasgow Open Topped Bus, with the window howling round your head.

Is always quite interesting to do this, you always pick up a wee bit of information about the town you never knew. there is a "glasgow" version of the Statue of Liberty on top of the City Chambers, and there is a statue of Queen Victoria, as a "wee lassie" in George Square. Who'd have known. I'm sure I've walked past and looked at them a million times, but never realised.

Anyhow, - we jumped at Byres Road, cause Kirsty was about to drop her Cocktail and Shooter and Vokda, and we opted for ANOTHER pub, where we downed a further Vodka, and then headed to Dumbarton road for eats. We couldnt' find something we liked so we headed to Mother India, where we were right royally ignored again! We got our meal, but they missed a bit, it took us about 10 minutes to attract the attention of the waiter, who gave us the hand in face salute and said "In a Minute". We got the last bit of the meal, and then took us another 10 minutes to get the bill. We gave them exactly the right amount of money - no service charge. They were rubbish. Food was nice though.

After that we headed to the Museum where we were orginally going. Only to find that it shut five minutes before! Humph. Anyways, we jumped on the next tourist bus, and went to Borders to get Stevo a Birthday Card. Seen that Gok Wan is going to be visiting In October.


More about my girdle later!

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