Friday, September 12, 2008

I believe in Angels

I sat down to do this, and a car pulled up outside, and I nearly pooped myself. Is funny how I got used to Si being around and how not altogether safe I feel when he isn't here/.

He's got a Sleep over at Scouts. Boy is at A Ceilidh in MOTHERWELL of all places. I have been up there to drop him, and two of his mates off. All good. They are getting a bus down the road, but I have to wait until he appears back at Prestwick and run down and get him.

Tooli and me took a wee run into The Fort at Glasgow on the way back, which was lovely - it was like shopping for Christmas, except it wasn't freezing or raining. It was gorgeous.. and we bimbled around. I spent ages in Borders, cause I love borders, and then we ventured into a couple of places to look for a denim skirt for Tooli belle. We managed to get 2, and she tried a gorgeous dress on in Jane Norman, but she wasn't totally sure about it. Hmm I thought it was Gorgeous. Maybe next time.

Yawn. I have to havea sleep.

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