Thursday, September 04, 2008

Life Could be A Dream... If I could Take You

Hey, work is non-stop this week. Mostly because it is Month end, coupled with Year End.

Added to which, i don't have my laptop any more. IT took it away on Thursday promising to have it back on Tuesday for my return. However, it died while they had it, and I still don't have it. I'm being told I can have it, but I will have to rebuild it myself. Humph.

Kids are back in the throws of manic life again. Both have been attending Volleyball practises, and Hockey practises and Boy is thinking about going to Rugby!! he hasn't played Rugby since he started Marr despite the best efforts of the Gym teachers to persuade him. However he thinks it might be a good idea. I think however, it would be a good idea if he started studying!

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