Thursday, February 19, 2009

But with You... By Myself. I'll face what's to come

Wow. Children.

I wouldn't be without them, but at the same time, the stress levels are immeasurable.

After the thrill of the Prelims and Boy believing that things were going good, he was thrown into disaster yesterday with two really poor scores. He was despondent, and the texts between him and myself were flying. I was really distraught trying to think of ways to buoy him up, eventually contacting a Tutoring agency - and found a tutor, seemed to spark a positive note.

Success came back in the afternoon, when a great pass in English was issued, and we were on the up again, and the Pterodactyl was back. Arrrrk Arrrrk.

Then the Tooli. Dizzy spell on Sunday night, followed by headaches all day for the next three days. My poor babe, has inherited the Migraine from me, and my dad. We are heading to the doctor on Friday hopefully to get some painkillers which will be effective for her.

All in all a stressful day. I'm glad I didn't wake with a migraine this morning.

And best of all. I loved my husband last night, and didn't wake anyone!!

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