Thursday, February 12, 2009

Been Around the World, and I, I can't find My Baby

I love looking at Site Stats, I truely do.

It amazes me that people drop in on me from all over the world. I cheat rather a bit to get people to drop in. All my blogs are heading with lines from songs. Normally the lines everyone hears, or remembers. Occassionally I will use a little known, or recognised line purely because it is apt to my topic.
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People fall into me from other blogs, Ellajayebee, Jaccic, Wee-devil, Troon On Line, Friday5, but some people fall into me for searches for Song lyrics, and pick up my word.

The ones which confuse me are the people who search for Dogwithnobrain.

The whole internet thing just confuses me. All this information...... buzzing round our heads. Everywhere.

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