Saturday, February 14, 2009

It's A New Day, It's A New Life

What a night. I am sooooo Tired this morning.

Boy and Girlfriend, came home about 12.30 (they say). I text and he said "am downstairs, just going to bed". I said "yes you are".

I listened. I realised I had Cat (plural) on bed with me, I kicked them off, and instantly felt guilty cause one was so tired she just keeled over. I patted them off downstairs and text boy again.

i woke at 2. I woke at 3. I woke at 3.45 (sound familiar Ella?). I woke at 5. I woke at 6.30, and groaned because I knew alarm would go off at 7.30.

I dragged myself from my bed at 7.40, and woke Tool. Boy was already Up. Is Valentine Day. he wanted to burst in on girlfriend and give her card and present. She was too tired to appreciate. told him to go away come back when she was more awake. I like this girl!

Fed Children, send two off to volleyball. Took One To Tesco for Bag Packing, which I promised I would help at. Can't help this morning. Need to go back to bed.


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