Wednesday, February 25, 2009

That Cement is there... It's There for the Weight Dear"


I've been lacks of late. Am busy to the point of running in circles, and tired to boot. I really need to make the effort to drag myself out of bed and get walking, i think that will be the only way to boost energy levels!

Work is extremely busy right now - coming to month / quarter end, plus additional requirements of the job which is distracting me slightly. So have to focus.

Boy had first night of Tutor. Hope is not lost. Tutor believes in Boy's ability - is going to build confidence. I nagged him this morning to go to Assisted Tutoring at school. He tells me that it isn't on right now!!! Hmmmm But I will still nag him anyways. It helps. He also got leaver's sweat yesterday - says the whole of 6th year were wearing them. It is really great. The 09 in the back is made up of everyone's names. is lovely.

Tooli is having time of it right now. Decided to end first relationship. Other people sussed it out first, and by time BF returned to School, everyone including his sister knew of Tooli's plans. He bore it out by staying away from her all day, but she walked home with him and explained her problems with the relationship... .she is one brave cookie. What kid actually asks a boy, face to face for a relationship, and then has the courage to face him out when it hasn't worked out how she imagined. he is pleased that she has agreed to stay friends with him - she enjoys their walks home and talking to him. It may be that it will spark again - they do seem to be friends.

Ah. And Me And Si. Our lives pass in the running of the child back and forward, and his running to Scouts. I'm sleeping before he comes to bed, and still sleeping as he drags me from bed in the morning. I'm looking forward to April, when we have naughty night away!

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