Sunday, February 01, 2009

Why Do Birds Sing, So Gay, And Lovers Awake the Break Of Day...


Big transition period in our house.

Tooli has a boyfriend.

Tooli took the step of ASKING the boy, face to face.

This resulted in MUCH Screaming every time the story was related to myself, her dad, her brother, and then to 5 of her friends. Everytime one of her friends phoned to check on the details, MORE screaming ensued.

Last night, they went out for a walk. This is Tooli before she went out. She was highly excited, and is now still in bed, at 1030 on Sunday Morning, Sleeping off the excitement / confusions / rush of hormones.

And I feel Sick. I'm living every moment for her. Who'd Be A Mother????? (Me Actually Wouldnt swap it for the world)

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