Friday, January 30, 2009

Hey MIckey...... Hey Mickey...... Again

In American football, a fumble occurs when the player carrying the ball drops it, often resulting in a great advantage for the other team. What have you recently fumbled in your own life?
Mmmm A fumble. I would call something else a fumble. Wee-Devil would know about that. ha ha ha. Or Si! What have I fumbled Recently. Let's put it in the context of the Sport's Field.... Watching Tooli at hockey the other week, I squealed "gooooo tooli"..... and she fluffed a shot. That is kinda the same thing eh?

In American football, you have thrown an interception when someone from the other team catches the ball you meant for your teammate. Who’s often an interceptor of something you intend for someone else?
I try very very hard to get whatever I need to go to who ever, to get there without distraction. I hate interception..I think more often than not, interception happens with my kids. I think they should get every deserving award due to them and I often believe (maybe my maternal instinct) that they are over looked because those giving out the awards, believe my kids will take rejection better!!

One of the severest penalties in American football is for unsportsmanlike conduct, when a player doesn’t play according to the spirit of fair play. In what situations are you most likely to be a perpetrator of unsportsmanlike conduct?

When I feel that I am about to perpetrate unsportsman like conduct, i repeat my Reiki Precepts, Just For Today....Do Not Be Angry, Do No Worry, Be Honest, Be Humble, Be Compassionate...... that usually makes me refrain from committing any really really bad unsportsmanlike conduct, but it doesn't ever stop me from having the thoughts!

In American football, the concept of running low-risk plays that consistently gain a few yards at a time is called “moving the chains,” while the concept of going after huge gains with higher-risk plays is called the “vertical game.” In your personal life, are you more of a moving-the-chains player or a vertical-game player?

I believe that I am always running low-risk plays. I believe that if I perform well in the smaller least noticable areas of life, I am slowly and steadily improving my chances elsewhere. I am creating a position for myself which makes me needed, and noticed if I'm not there. And the best way to do this is to smile at everyone.

Sometimes in American football, the quarterback will, at the last moment, change his or her mind about the intended play, either to prevent what is likely to be a failure or to take advantage of a vulnerability in the other team. The method used in this play-change is often “calling an audible.” In what way have you recently called an audible in your life?
I'm gonna have to think on this one.

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