Sunday, January 11, 2009

Just Like the Man Whose Feet are Too Big for His Bed

On Friday night I was "Responsible Adult" on the Orchestra Bus! That's it. I've completed my two duties. I don't mind the bus so much, it's the sitting around for the two hours in the middle that is a pain. This time, I took some postcards and competitions entries, and my book. One of the Dads had brought a flask and Jaffa cakes, so I was sorted. I just blocked out the sound of the committee debating their various projects! It was Fine.

Boy had his girlfriend round whilst we were all out.... hmmm Yeah quite! This has been a long time coming, I don't know why it took him/her so long. Its been on the horizon for ...years dare I say? Best of all she's Volleyball daft too, so there won't be a conflict between match playing and seeing the other one!

Kits this morning are watching raindrops run down the patio windows. Its quite amusing, who needs TV or radio when this pair are around. I can't quite grab a shot of them throwing themselves up the window to catch the drops at the top. But I've caught Bean, just sitting entranced.

Toolibelle goes off on travels tomorrow.... Paris.... 4 am at the Airport. Another Early Start. Hopefully I won't sleep in this time. I'm sure I Won't! She wouldn't let me. This would be a "maths trip". Ha ha ha ha I love it that the Teachers are so childlike they would come up with a reason like that to visit Disneyland Paris! Wow. I just looked it up on the internet, and it appears to be quite the thing to do with your Maths Genii. They are going to be having lectures in the morning and then hitting the rides in the afternoon. Sounds all good eh?

Boy - I would like to take up to the garage this afternoon and see if they have any suitable cars for him - before he runs mine into the ground. I'm driving mum's this week while she is in Lanzarote.. Buggar, I forgot to put her bin in!!! Then I have a pile of Ironing to frighten the French. But I have plenty of episodes of Monkey World to watch, so am looking forward to that!

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  1. might want to find a car with rubber bumpers going around the whole thing...ya know - just in case he decides to crash into something again! hahaha!