Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday 5

Friday 5 - Visit and Take Part

Among your friends, who could be blown over by a strong wind?

Wee-Devil. She is ickle. Could be blown away by a gentle breeze. She pretends that she is huge, but she isn't. She is probably actually about 1/4 of the size of me. Honestly.

What’s something in your house you occasionally wind?
I used to "wind" the babies. Milky Milky and then pat pat pat.....

I don't think I "wind" anything. I have a "rolex" which doesn't need winding, because it has motion sickness, and keeps going as long as you do. All the clocks have batteries, and I think the children have long outgrown any wind-up toys. (Mores the pity)

Is there some significant gossip you’ve recently gotten wind of?

Gossip? where Wee-Devil is concerned there is always some good gossip. She normally makes most of it up, but that's where good gossip comes from. I wish I still worked in the office, we used to have a field day, she could tell me anything about anyone, and I believed her - I'm very very gullible as far as she is concerned, but as far as anything I've recently got a hold of.....nah, I can't think of any. How BORING.

Where is the windiest place you’ve ever been?

Top of the Wallace Monument. That was windy. Troon also has it's windy days. This weekend is supposed to be pretty windy. When I go on to the Computer (as opposed to the Lappy) (I'm in my bed, not feeling brilliant). I'll add pictures. Last Sunday was pretty windy, and I took photos down on the beach. There is nothing better than standing (Behind Si), feeling the wind blasting your face. Although today, I think maybe a slight breeze would knock me for six. My poor head isn't coping too well at all.

What do you do, on a typical day, to unwind?

Nothing. I love doing nothing. That is a lie. As I get older, I find myself looking for ways to entertain myself. Sitting in front of the TV is no longer an option for me. There are certain programmes I like to watch and that is what I watch. Last night, i stuck on that film while waiting for Boy to come home, and I wish I hadn't. I would have been better, knitting, or crotcheting. I made a jumper last week. Well actually I started the Jumper last April, and I have been sitting with four pieces (back, front adn two arms) since June. I just didn't know how to attach them. I finally decided on 1 January, enough was enough and ad-libbed the ending. All Knitting projects would be finished. - Again, once I am on BIG computer, I will upload photo of Tooli wearing said Jumper. Is rather nifty, in a Punk Rocker sort of way. Boy had it on too, but it looked cooler on Tool. I have another jumper on the go now - I had half a front done, but unpicked it all and re-started on a smaller scale - since I seen how big the first one came out.

I also crochet. I'm not brilliant at this - I do scarfs. I can't shape crochet, so i just go on and on and on and on.
But it is very relaxing. I also practise Reiki. Now I know that some people will find this very odd, that a very non-Spritual person like me, would practise something as unearthly as this. I can't explain it, and I giggle when I do, but there is most very definitely something going on there. Best feeling ever. I can just sit and meditate. When I get it right it is most fantastic. I can send Reiki - I send it to Wee-Devil all the time, and she is more calm and relaxed for it. I use it to protect things. Empty houses, and more importantly the kids. I knew I was doing good one day, when Boy came home and said his music lesson had gone good, because he had reiki'd himself before hand. Sometimes I get a feeling like I have to earth myself on someone - and that is a bit weird - i get a "cool breeze" (Heavens' that sounds odd doesn't it), -on my hand and I know I have to put it somewhere. Hey Ho... All things are one.

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  1. I just managed to inhale Hot Peri Peri crisp flavouring up my nose, am not enjoying it.

    Your blog is lovely today, lots of reading for me, lovely.