Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I Hear Baby's Cry, I watch them Grow....

What a lovely day.

My Toolibelle phoned today from the Disney parade. She was in raptures. It was worth every penny to hear her so excited and thrilled. I love being a mum.

My Boy, bought a car today! With his own money, and insured it, with his own money! He was sooooo excited and thrilled. It is worth the worry, of him driving about, to see that enjoyment.

I love being a mum.

And a very special person, gifted me something today, for Tooli, and it is so beautiful, and she thinks nothing of it, but it is a total treasure for Tools. Thank You A.

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  1. alright woman...i've got your "interview" questions but i don't have your email address! reply to this comment and i'll send them to you =)