Monday, January 26, 2009

Not a Cloud in the Sky, Got Sun in My Eye

Well, I made it to Monday, but I have to tell you my eyes are almost fixed shut. I'm finding it very very hard to see out. I can't quite explain the puffyness, but suffice to say no amount of Wrinkle / Puff / Age / Skin Tightening Cream made any difference to my face this morning. I'm thinking maybe matches are the only think that will work. I'll tell you how bad it is, if I smile, my cheeks make my eyes close.

This morning was wonderful, ha ha - No Paper round for boy, however we all lay in bed until 7.15 and then had a mad rush - everyone for the toilet at once. Except me. I like to take it slowly in the morning.

Eventually got going and climbed into the car - only to discover that boy hadn't been lying when he said car was making weird noises. Boy was it ever! I turned around and we all debated the best way forward. We decided, I would take Si's Car, he would take mine and head to the garage, and Boy would do his own thing. In the midst of all this, Tooli, left looking more organised and calm than the rest of us, so much so, that despite saying bye to us all, her dad and her brother missed her and ended up shouting farewells down the street to her.

Am in now, and have cleared a pile of work this morning. Just about to pop out to lunch and then whack in about it again.

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  1. I get up most weekdays around 5:15 so to even sleep as late as 7:00 on a Saturday or Sunday is wonderful! Happy Monday =)