Saturday, January 03, 2009

Oh I swear, What I mean.......

Heavens. What a start to the new year!

I got up sharp to help boy with Paper round. (Roll on the end of that). he cycled, I walked. I got up to shop to discover not open yet! I came back, he left, I cycled back up. They had only just started putting papers out. I could collapse now. I haven't been on the bike for weeks. Just that short distance has left me out of breath.

Last night, we could be arsed cooking, so we opted for carryout. We had Indian for three. Mirch Korma, Kashmiri Korma, and Lamb Pasanda. Hmmm. I stupidly mistook a Green Chilli for a Spring Onion. Jees. What a flipping reaction. Sore head almost immediately. Breathless, (more so than now), shaking, and then - pooof straight out the other end. My god. Remind me NEVER to eat Green Chilli again.


  1. Your reaction to the chili is why I can't eat any amount of Indian. Same reaction no matter what. Yikes!

  2. Wowser Yeah!! never again. My Goodness. It was awfuL!

  3. Francie McJosey6:36 pm

    And then what happened????