Saturday, January 17, 2009

It's Not the Colour of Your Hair, or the clothes

Today was family day. I got kids up at 7.45 (Boy for paper round), and Tool at 8, for Hockey. Boy got half way round, while I did his breakfast, he came in and got his breaky and I finished up for him (Yeah, yeah, I Know...enough already).

Got Tool organised, took her up, and wandered over to my mums, used her toilet and had a cup of coffee, met my sister briefly and then headed back for the match.

Si appeared, after a shower and watched the second half with me. I dropped Tool home after a sound beating (them, not me), and then headed down to Ayr to watch Boy play Volleyball. They soundly beat them - 4-1, the last set they lost only just...and Boy played like a complete star! Running rings round the pitch. I just wish I could sit and watch without squealing so much!

After I got home from that, I showered, and headed out to meet me mum for Cocktails and a nibble at Lido (Yeah, I love that place). We set up a couple of Strawberry Daquiris, and had pate, bruchetta, and sticky toffee pudd! Yumser.

Boy eventually came home about 5.30, and he has headed out to Girlfriend's house again. One day, he'll be in for a WHOLE evening. Maybes Aye, Maybes Naw.

And now, I'm home, sitting with a Glass of Red Vino, and Tooli wanting to watch scary movie - yeah, the same one we watched the other night... have put it on for her, she is tired, and she has more volleyball tomorrow, I don't think she'll sit thru it all. I took a hem up on her Volleyball shirt - she wants to make sure she looks GOOD! She does, I assured her!

Anyways, I'm heading to bed now. Oh Yes, I am.

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  1. you have done SO MUCH MORE than me today. i've been a big lazy lump on the couch for the most part.