Friday, January 23, 2009

OOooh Beeedooooo, I wanna Be Like Yoooooouuuu

Friday 5 Read mine... link to Friday 5, and write your own.

What types of blogs do you usually read?
Interesting ones. Ones people point out to me, ones which make me laugh. I stumbled across one, from Friday5, and I was overcome with the person's upward attitude, despite the problems she was facing in her daily life. Sometimes these people's stories inspire you - make you want to be a better person, make you see the good in every situation, and try your best.

What kinds of products do you usually buy when you shop online?
Everything. My last Ebay Purchase was a Scrapbook, one before that, new cushions for my sofa, one before that was Massive Throw for my (at that point not newly cushioned) sofa. Before that, Christmas Presents, Magazines, Computer bits, Crafty Bits, Gifts, Wishes, Thoughts. What can't you buy on line? It is truely a miracle. I'm not actually that sure that it exists except for in our minds, and in actual fact, it is only our belief in the goodness of each other that makes the goods appear by our sides, and the money disappear from our bank account.

What kinds of online videos do you usually spend time watching?
Again, ones that people point out to me. Last night, I watched Perez on Craig Ferguson show. I cant' quite believe that Craig Ferguson is a BIG US TV Star. I remember when he was a drunk comedian from Glasgow. A very funny one admittedly, but you don't often see people making that transition. Good on him. And he still has his Glasgow accent. Anyways, where was I? Oh yes, online videos. They were talking about that... silly cats, yes I enjoy silly cats. I love watching Clips of Alan Cumming. Especially if it is "The High Life". O M G that makes me smile ALL DAY.

If You're Feeling Kinda Serious,
If Life, Is Seriously Mediocre,
Here's how to Get the Adrenalin Flowing,
Step Up On A Boe-ing Going HIGHHHHHHH

Besides Friday 5, what weekly memes do you particularly enjoy?
I Don't do any other memes strangely enough. I stumbled upon Friday 5, and haven't strayed. Although, this question did prompt me to search the internet, and I found "addicted to memes" and they have got a meme, or two or three for every day of the week. But I was busy this morning, and didn't have time to look, so I am going to browse thru them all tonight, in between competition entering.

Where do you like to go for streaming online music?
Sad to say, I'm not a big streaming music fan, which is sad considering the kind of mad mental music nut I was in my late teens and early twenties. I lost a lot of my music (12" albums and singles), and I think the whole trying to replace them just did me in. Anything I do download normally comes from ITunes.

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