Friday, January 02, 2009


the friday 5 - first of the new year.

What’s a dish you always go back for seconds of, even if you know you’ve had enough?

If I hadn't been brainwashed by Mr Paul McKenna, I would go back for
1. Tiramisu
2. Risotto (made by my honey)
3. Steak (cooked by my honey)

Mr Paul McKenna has told me I can (a) eat what I want (b) when I want, but I must (a) eat slowly and (b) always leave a little on the plate. Technically I suppose I could eat some and leave a little on the first plate, and then have another plate full and leave some more, but that would be truely bad and evil. In this new year, I intend to listen to the McKenna voicein my head, which landed in there after several nights of tape listening. It worked before, and as Long as I remember the rules it will work again!

For how many seconds can you hold your breath?
I am holding my breath right now,. i will tell you in a couple of seconds. 27 seconds. Is that good? I don't think so! Can't that stupid David Blane person hold his breath for like 3 days or something? I nearly passed out there so I don't think I'll do that again.

What was the second-best thing about your New Year’s celebration?
First Best thing was that I made it to another New Year. second best, was that I wasn't paralitic and drowning my sorrows. I read something the other day.... (Yes Ella) "Have you ever been in a position where you have had enough money to be happy", and it suddenly dawned on me, that yeah, I am happy, sure more money would be lovely, but I have the BEST husband, beautiful, talented kids, a lovely home, (being torn to ribbons right now by kittens), and two sweet bunnies, who love jaffa cakes! What's not to love about New Year. I have everything i need.

What was your most recent second-hand purchase?

I love the local Mary Currie Cancer Shop I do. But Unfortunately I have to go in when My daughter is not with me. She doesn't believe it is acceptable for me to rake thru other peoples clothes. So I buy them when she is not there, and tell her I got them somewhere else. Apart from my underwear, and "party clothes", I think most of my recent purchases have been second hand!

second-degree burn on human skin can be identified by the blistering it causes. When did you last suffer a second-degree burn?
When Straightening my hair. Infact, I think I have a photo of it. Oaft, I can't find it. We have over 5000 photos on this flipping computer. I caught my ear and straightened the top of it. Heavens about that was sore. The next day, it was blistered and red, the day after, it was scabby, big red scab all the way down my ear. Great fun!

The other time would be when making tablet! Is bloody hot work, and I guarantee you that I always splatter some mixture out onto my fingers and end up with some flipping SORE blisters!

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  1. i don't think i've ever had tiramisu. no particular reason, guess there've been other choices at the time i preferred. gotta say i'm craving the sweets something fierce right now!

    happy new year!!!