Thursday, January 08, 2009

6 Oclock Already... I was just in the middle a Dream

O M G What a start to my day.

I was taking Mum and her friends to the Airport for 7. I set my alarm for 5 am, woke at 1.30, to check the time, woke at 2 with one of the kids going to the loo (although they both deny it), and then woke to the alarm at 5. And then woke with the phone going... Mum sitting out side in her car looking for me!!! I had fallen back asleep, and it was 6 am!!! O M G

I grabbed t-shirt and joggies, and ran out the door. Ran back in for my purse. ran out. Ran back in for my phone, ran out. Then we were off.

Made it to the airport for checkin at 7. My gawd, i can not believe how much Glasgow Airport has changed since the supposed Terrorist attack. The drop-off point is UNDER the multi-storey carpark.

I dropped mum at the airport about 10 days after the terrorist attack, and at that point you could still drive right up along side the terminal building! PRestwick had concrete blocks installed by the end of the day!

So now I am sitting in work. Keeping myself awake with coffee and Fruitella, supplemented by the odd slice of Christmas Cake!. Oh Wow I am so tired, I think If I do a BIG Blink, I will fall straight asleep.

Si and Boy dropped car at garage. £250 for that wee bash!!! Humph!

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  1. hey i'm still here! december was the "blog every day" month - not setting such lofty goals for january ;)

    glad your mum didn't miss her flight - that would not have been good!