Sunday, January 25, 2009

Make My Way Back Home When I learn to


Wow. I was so drunk last night. Lovely evening, I did really enjoy myself, with Si's friends from the "organisation". We had a nice meal in Tacos, loads of Nachos and Enchilladas Fajitas, and Burritos. Then we headed to the Lonsdale so that one of our party could Dazzle us with his singing.

Yes, well, Wee-Devil and I need fear no more about our Shoop Shoop Version. It was No 1 in the charts compared to this.

I only made it out of my bed at 3.30 pm. And I still don't feel particularly good, but I have to make the effort, because I have to make the tea. Woarfh

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  1. Scott Maslen8:01 pm

    The "organisation" Tony Soprano a member?