Saturday, January 17, 2009

Follow Every Highway, Til You Find

Si had a sleepover at the Scout Hall last night.

Tool was at Orchestra, and Boy was working, avec le moteur.

Wee-Devil and me watched Porn on the internet and discussed between ourselves how uncomfortable it was. She gave up before me. I was fascinated. We had been watching female involved on tv earlier and she was being very righteous and condescending about people, and SHE made her name because there were "leaked" porn tapes.

She was about as far removed from the actual act of Sex as she had been from the dinner party she was involved in that we had been watching.

Very strange indeed it was, and did not incline me to making a video of my own. I think that the world does not need that.

We did not go so far as to watch the Mini-Me Sex tapes. That would have been TOOOO Gross.

1 comment:

  1. Only because I couldnt find the Mini-me sex tapes, haha.

    Am away to dry hair and read about expediting.