Monday, January 19, 2009

You're the Right Stuff, baby.....

Tonight I walked. I did. Seriously.

After entering several hundred competitions i got my trainers on and set off down the road. I'm going to go back to using this:

to log my walks. I'd love to say "run", but I'm not at that stage yet. Maybe March??? ha ha

Then I came in and went up stairs for a wee Reiki Session. It was lovely. I did Hatsurei ho, and then a little distant Reiki for someone. I also had a wee Distant Empowerment too - I was a bit greedy and took 2, but from two different people, and it was actually quite strange how different they were.

I can't explain the Reiki power.... I'm not religious, and not particularly spiritual, but there are happenings with Reiki that I can't explain. I just enjoy it.

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