Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I'm So Witty, So Witty, So Pretty and Witty and Wise

So, why did I put a 10 minute hair colour on to night, and leave it for 20? Hmmm

What will the result be? Am dreading it! As long as it doesn't turn out green, I'll be calm. I can do very dark hair. I may look a little goth, but I should be okay.

I've had a very quiet evening tonight, a little cup of tea, a little ironing. Lots of Monkey world (I have two episodes taped every Monday - Friday so I have a little bit of a back log to catch up on.

For those of you who didn't jump over to dogwithlittlebrain, I went to Monkey World on Saturday, i wrote about it over there, and now copy it here for your viewing pleasure.

We visited Monkey World Again. Wee Notion to Visit the Baby Dinda I Adopted for Wee-Devil's Thirtieth Birthday.

Oh It was soooo good.

Best of All, We Met Jeremy, the Operations Manager who Stars, (Although he would deny it)

Here is Wee-Devil in the Car Park... Look at the Snow - this is the Very South of England. 450 miles away from where we live, and there is more snow here than we have seen in about 10 years!

This is Sally, look at her feet, she is flicking thru the latest copy of the Argos Catalog (Think Wallmark). In a warm spot in the Sun, away from the Snow Cooling her bum! She was engrossed in it.

We Believe that this is Tim, a Stump Tailed Macaque, Otherwise known as Ugly Monkey. look at his wee face. I adore him. He does this very expressive thing with his eyes, he doesn't move his head, just turns his eyes round - makes you feel very stupid!

This is Susie, A Chimpanzee From Africa, with her baby Bart. This was an amazing moment. She banged the floor while Bart was playing away from her, and called Bart to Her, she bundled him up in her arms and then ran directly towards me. I thought she was going to display at the window- trying to protect him, and scare us. But to my utter surprise, she stood tall, looked at me, and the crouched down at the window beside me. I was literally the glass thickness away from her and the baby - she had proudly brought him over to show me.

Wee-Devil says the monkeys were all attracted to me because of the smell of banana coming off me!

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  1. i colored my hair tonight too. same shade as normal, just trying to cover up the grey. (and i added you to my facebook just a bit ago - but i don't mention my blog there at all so shhhhuuusssh!)