Sunday, February 15, 2009

Cause I am a Material Girl....

So I went back to bed yesterday morning, got back up at 12, headed back over to Tesco after a shower to wake myself up. Did my shopping, tipped the bag packer heavily, then took her for a plate of Chips and beans.

Went home with the shopping, put it all away, had a coffee and headed back to Tesco to help with the last hour or so of Bag Packing. Jees, I can't believe how sore my feet were just for standing for a couple of hours! Maybe it is the standing in the one place, but the soles of my feet were burning, or maybe i should have been wearing socks!

Made the tea, Tool headed out for Valentine Date with Boyfriend (Woooooooo), Boy and me sat on Couch and watched England get their ass whooped by Wales. Well I watched, and Boy fell asleep. Sound asleep. I covered him with Blanket, and went and got ready to go out. Gran phoned twice trying to chase me up - but hey, Tooli wanted to come, and I couldn't very well go without her.

Eventually Tool came home, and then went out again, for TWENTY minutes she yelled. And good to her word she was. We eventually got to Grans about 9.10, and enjoyed everyone's company for the next three hours. Boy woke up and came up for a while and headed away sharp. When I got home - Boy was actually in BED, Sleeping! That is how tired he was, I have never seen this Boy go to Bed willingly without prompting. Tool fell asleep in car on way home, and I followed her to bed after a wee chat with Wee-Devil.

Si still up a hill. I got my valentine about 6 last night....... He had left it with Tool, and in her heady state of love and business she had forgotten to give it to me. A beautiful big bunch of Valentine flowers, all reds and white - carnations, roses, gerbera, fuschia and a brilliant card with flashing lights!!! Aw. I do love him. I got another Valentine too, from Wee-Devil who insists on declaring her Lesbean Love for me! Thanks Wee-Devil. My Mum is starting to worry!

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