Monday, February 02, 2009

Don't Look So Sad

When I went to bed early last night, my head had started to hurt.

I was trying to decide if it was all the housework I had been doing... floors brushed and mopped, dishes done, surfaces wiped. Bed Linen changed, bathroom scrubbed, Stairs swepts. Or the effects of a chilli sauce I had eaten the day before. We had been in Oil and Vinegar on Saturday, testing the dips and dressings. One, a rather gorgous Strawberry Syrup (for Valentines Days), was very very tasty. Another... later on round the shop was a chilli based one. Jeesus. After I had tasted, I went back to the Strawberry and tried to drink it, much to the horror of my husband and daughter. My mouth had never been on such fire.

I woke this morning and it was still there, I had another couple of pills and slept it off a bit, but when I left for work at 1030, I was still prety dazed and out of it. About 2pm it finally lifted and I was clear ish. I was going to bed, earlier, but I was feeling much much better, and now, at 2247, am heading to bed quite happy.

Night Night

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