Friday, February 13, 2009

Go To Sleep, Go To Sleep, Go To Sleep My Wee Baby


Dogwithnobrain is VERY tired.

Half a day at work, and I did (Work that is).

Drive,home, collect boy, Drive to Glasgow., Hour meeting with US Scholarship Agency.

Walk to Starbucks, discuss excitedly with Son about possibilities.

Walk back to Car, Drive to Silverburn, shop for Shoes - (boy is wearing the worst, most worn shows with the world).

PAy for shoes, but don't get them.

Come home. Snigger at Valentine Card. Very Impressive Wee-Devil. I love it!

Hug My Husband, He is away Up A Hill, (Fal Da Ree, Fal Da Rooooo Fal Da Ha ha ha ha ha ha)

Hug My Daughter.

Run around like a lunatic. Son's Girlfriend is coming, Got house tidy. Sent Son out to Get Tea. (Si not here, need macdonalds).

Girlfriend arrived. Sit, Chat, Warn. Go to Morrison. Come home from Morrison.

Sit Down. Tool wants me to watch film.

I'm watching and horrified. I didn't realise Ben Stiller could make films like this. Even worse. I sent Tool and her Gran to the Pictures to see this film.

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