Wednesday, September 01, 2010

A Million Faces Pass Me By

Boy has been gone for 19 sleeps and life in the Cruse Household has settled into a nice holding pattern.

Tooli runs about like a demented teen - from Hockey, to Volleyball, to the Bedroom to study.  When the phone rings, we leave it, it's going to be for her.  Si and I bimble out to work, bimble back in, drive Tooli where she needs to go, and keep one eye on Skype at all times.

When we see his name blink up on the screen, either one of us are there in a flash.  It doesn't need to be long, just a quick "Hiya" "How you doing?", and he can go again - back to chatting with his old friends, or playing around with his new ones.

He's found his place in this world.  I think my boy was born to be an All-American College Kid.  He's fitting right in there.  Country and Western Concert at the weekend, driving trucks and abusing folk who chew tobacco.   He's made some great new friends and the photosgraphs look amazing.  He looks so comfortable and at home with these shiney new folk - I'm not worried at all.

The Hurricane, however is another matter.

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