Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Everybody's Doing a Brand New Dance Now

Except me!  I'm knackered. 

It was a birthday for my beloved yesterday and he wasn't impressed.  We decided to let it go, with the exception of Lunch.  We don't go out much, or do anything much anymore so we thought that would be a bit of a present in itself. 

Lunch commenced at 115pm.  Lovely. Lido.  Mussels, Garlic Bread, Calamaris, Soupy Loupy, Thai Chicken, Thai Pancakes, Fish and Chips, Ice Cream, Ice Cream Sundae, Macaroons, and Delux Hot Chocolate.  And Cocktails, and Wine, and Beer, and More Cocktails, and MOre Beer. 

Gran took Toolibell home before Mum and Dad started embarassing themselves.  She had volleyball and had some homework too. She is so diligent, I have NO idea where we got her. 

Cocktails were lovely. I had Rasberry Ripple, JellyBelly, and then moved to my favourite, Cosmopolitan.   We discussed everyone with in sight, and sniggered at our memories of how we ran bars.   We talked over our dream of a caravan park in France and wondered, maybe.....

We decided about 7 we better start to head.  And made it as far as Dan McKay's.  I was freezing. It had actually been sleeting while we were in Lido.  Although it wasn't sleeting any more, it was still bitter.  

Dan McKay's satisfied me with a Jack Daniels and Coke, and then Si and I decided that a trip to Morrison was called for!  Mmm. Quite how we managed to get round the shop and out in one piece is beyond me. I'm not even that sure what we bought!  Tee Hee. 

Still we got home.  I drunk about 5 cups of coffee, went to bed, got up at 12, drunk some water, got up at 3 had a painkiller and more water.  Got up at 5 had more water, then got up at 8 and headed in to work, by which Time I wasn't really too bad. 

All in all, it was a lovely day.  And It would have been nice if Boy had been there too - but we got a big chat with him on the Skype Web Cam which was grand.  He was most impressed to see his mam and da pished as farts smiling down the camera to him!


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