Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sunday Stealing

Ask Me Meme

from "Just keep swimming." -Dorthy, Finding Nemo

1:What was the last argument you had about?   Hmm, argument... Am not an argumentative sort.   I can't even remember.  Nope sorry.  (I don't could doo doo monsters as argument)

2:How long is your longest relationship?   The one I have now, and this one I'll have forever. 

3:What is something not many people know about you?   I used to speed skate. (If you could see the size of me, you'd understand why not many people know this. 

4:Two truths and a lie. Go. 

1. You're My First.

2. You're my last
3. You're my everything 

5:Do you believe in fate/destiny?   Yes. Indeedy.

6:Where is somewhere you’ve always wanted to live?   Edinburgh, or Kos. 

7:Has there ever been a song that made you cry?   Dance with my father again.... So much so, I had to pull the car over and sob. 

8:Do you jump/scare easily?   Yes.  And I have Jumpy-Scary Incontinence  (Too much information?)

9:Which birthday has been your favorite?   My fortieth.  My husband and I spent it in Paris, and stood on top of the roof of our hotel, and watched the Eiffel Tower spin it's magic light over that great city, and I knew in that moment, that life was good. 

10:Have you ever been pulled over? Arrested?   Yes.   At a hen night.  I asked a police car for a lift home.... in exchange for a fumble... they told me if i offered again, they were picking me up for prostitution.... I offered again... and then I ran like the clappers. 

11:Have you ever been to a fortune teller?   Yes. Pile of pish. 

12:What’s your favorite series of books?  Diana Gabaldon, Outlander series - am beside myself with excitement as it is being made into a tv series now. 

13:Who is someone that you think knows the most about you outside of family?    K probably

14:What is the weirdest thing you’ve eaten?   Evil Taematae which worked it's way in to a Gammon Roll. I had to spit it out in the middle of the street. 

15:List one of your quirks.   I am scared of the above EVIL TAEMATAE. 

16:State 1 bad habit of yours.   Bite my nails.

17:Has a scary movie ever given you nightmares?   Yes.  Scary movies scare me.  I try not to watch them. 

18:When was the last time you got your hair done in a salon?   About 6 weeks ago - desperately needing a chop

19:What was the last thing you did with your friends?   Ate.  That is what we do when we are together.  see how much food it is possible to ram down our throats in one sitting.   The last one lasted four and a half hours, and we managed six plates in the buffet!

20:What’s something that you like to do that others might see as weird?   Tap Dance

21:What was the last trip you took?    last trip I took.........  for holiday?  mmm, Loch Goilhead... no, I lie, Anstruther...  Yes, Anstruther in Fife. 


  1. Anonymous4:11 pm

    Your answer to #10 caused me to create a whole short story in my head! :-)

  2. I love your #9 and 10 answers!!!

  3. I know you so well that I didnt know you could speed skate. We must discuss. Over 8 plates of buffet. I think we should bobsleigh?