Monday, August 25, 2014

Yesterday's Sunday Stealing, Today, on Monday, Afternoon, Which is morning for some of you :-)

From FYeahSurveys

  Favorite Fictional ? 

1. Favorite fictional couple?    
Detective Inspector Angelique de Xavia  and Zal Innez from The Sacred Art of Stealing, by Christopher Brookmyre

2. Favorite fictional character?   
Eddie Cahill - or the other one from CSI Miami - who is sporting a rather schexy beardy face now 

3. Favorite fictional TV show?   Oh, I have a lot.  I like, Falling Skies, I like 24, I like Dead Like Me, I like things that scare me a little bit, but make me wonder a little bit too.

 4. Favorite fictional movie?   Hearts and Souls.  RDJ... WOW

 5. Favorite fictional villain? 
   Tom Hardie as Bane 

 6. Favorite fictional hero?   The Highlander... There can be only one.

 7. Favorite fictional pet?   Snoopy

 8. Favorite fictional setting/universe?   1744 Scotland with standing stones which make you travel through time. 

 9. Least favorite fictional couple?   Those Simpson ones. 

 10. Least favorite fictional character?   Black Jack Randall - See 8.

 11. Least favorite fictional TV show?   Soaps.

I 'm not doing any more leasts.  Least said soonest mended :-) 

I only LIKE things. 

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