Sunday, October 11, 2015

Sunday Stealing

That Alphabet Thing Meme

A: Accent --  I have a problem with accents. Leave me sitting with someone for too long, and I i become that accent.   When I went to view my first flat as a wee premie student in Edinburgh, after speaking with the landlady for a couple of minutes (yes, minutes), she said "when did you leave Edinburgh , your accent is still so strong).  Then, there were the soldiers I entertained one night in my deep N'rn Irlnd" brogue' then I met them three weeks later and they wanted to introduce this brilliant Irish lass to their mates.  I was completely gobsmacked.  The real accents -Western Scottish, with a lilt of Lancashire from my husband. 

B: Breakfast --  This mornings.  Just newly down my gob.  Irish Farls (Not because I'm Irish, but because they are more tasty than Potato Scones, bacon and poached eggs.  

C: Chore you hate --  Mostly everything. I'm not very house proud. 

D: Dad's name -- Joseph Edward.   A good name. 

E: Essential everyday item --  Nivea.  My face needs Nivea.

F: Flavor ice cream --;   Yesterday, I had Creme Brulee.  It wasn't so good.  I love Vanilla with Scottish Tablet. 

G: Gold or silver -- Silver. 

H: Hometown -- Troon - A little coastal town on the West Coast of Scotland. Home to Five Golf Courses, Two Beaches, Woodland and Coastal Walks.

I: Insomnia --  This week, Yes.  Am quite exhausted

J: Job title --  Financial Administrator

K: Kids --  Yes, I do.  Gorgeous Ones.   Boy and Tooli   

M: Mother's birthplace --  See hometown above.

N: Number of significant others --  Only one. My heart, my soul. My life.  My Si. 

O: Overnight hospital stays --  Tonsilectomy, Pregnancy Complications, Hysterectomy.   All good. Free Drugs.

P: Phobia --  Tomatoes

Q: Quick at --  Typing. People hate Skype chatting with me.  I type as fast as I speak.

R: Religious affiliation --  The Mother Ship, which I suppose makes me ... Can't remember the name, same as John Travolta and Tom Cruise.  (Which is a coincidence since I am a Mean dancer, called Cruse)

S: Siblings --  Yes.

T: Time you wake up --  As late as possible please, I am so tired.

U: Unnatural hair colors --  Bleached blonde.  I've gone back to black now - Although I am probably really grey. 

V: Vegetable you refuse to eat --   It's really a fruit. TOMATO  I have real phobia.

W: Worst habit --  putting off today, what I could do all the time. Lazy buggar.

 X: X-rays --  My leg about three months ago.... because I knackered it, doing the dancing above :-)   Didn't get results, so I presume it must have been okay.

Y: Yummy --  Mummy, me.

Z: Zodiac sign --   Taurus on the Cusp of Aries.  Makes me sound like I care. 


  1. I love your answers! :-)

  2. I type as fast as I speak too, though now that I'm old, I find that my accuracy rate (which used to be very good) is horrendous.

    What is Scottish Tablet?

    1. A sugary sweet confectionary, eaten by the over-weight masses in scotland -made from condensed milk and sugar, butter. It's delightfully sweet, and lush, but oh so bad for you.

    2. Sounds like my kind of treat. LOL.

  3. I type fast as well. And my mother used to make Scottish tablet as a treat for us from time to time. Her mother was Scottish and Welsh. Mom made us sweets from time to time from what she could. She made some sort of fudge from cocoa, sugar, butter and water. That was a favorite.

    1. Oh goodness, yes we Scots know how to pollute our bodies! Tablet is pure sugar, condensed milk and butter. Could it be any worse for you?