Friday, October 02, 2009

The Friday 5, Revisited

Which of your stories have you probably told the greatest number of times to the most people?

A story of my husband's family. Is truly terrible but totally hysterical at the same time. I can't put it down here, because it would cause terrible offence to people, despite the fact it is a true story. 

What’s a story someone else often tells about you, much to your chagrin?

My Mum constantly feels the need to tell the world about the first time I pee'd in a potty.  It was in a lay-by on route to somewhere!  I don't know that this says as much about me, as it does about my parent's parenting.  There is a photo, and If I can remember where I put it I will be putting it up.

What oft-told story from a chapter in your life seems to be remembered differently by different people who were there?

Most stories of my life recounted by my mother are completely different that I remember them.  Thankfully the ones which include my husband appear to be the same for him, as they were for me, and not the way my mother remembers! 

What are some of the details, without retelling the whole story, of a story you’ve told often but never to your parents?

Beach, Tent, Sausages, Boiling Water....

What song would be an appropriate soundtrack to the story of your most embarrassing

One That goes, "running back, fast, as I can. oooh I'm running back.... But I have not a scooby who sings it.

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