Sunday, April 04, 2010

Baby, Baby. Where did Our Love Go?

A week ago today, we were all sat laughing and giggling over tea, and playing at home with organs!

In the hours that came, just after a lovely evening meal, events unfolded that changed lives and stopped one heart beating for ever.  Nant hadn't been happy with Nunk in the afternoon, and when she left, promised to phone and let me know what the hospital said.  Sadly the hospital had already phoned when she got in.  They wanted her at the hospital and they wanted her quickly. 

We dropped everything and ran, well drove.  We left Sarah (sorry Sarah) in Prestwick as we drove on down to the Hospital at the far side of Ayr.  I thought we were never going to get there.  Nant and I ran in, praying we were in time.   Both of us had a little wobble in the lift, and then again when the auxilliary stopped us in the corridor.  Thankfully he was still with us, and better than that, he was sitting up in bed, giving cheek to the nurse who was sitting with him.   Nant gave him a big cuddle and then left to speak with the nurse, I sat with him, holding his hand, tears streaming down my face. "oh Nunk, what are you doing to us".  He just shook his head and told me that it was time.  That the infection in his foot was spreading and he just didn't want to fight any more.  Si and Steven arrived from the car park, and we all sat with him, as he continually fought with the nurses wanting to have his feet out the bed!

Eventually he settled, and Si and Steven left for the night. Nant and I settled down to a night by his bed.   In the morning we realised that we had to make calls.  We had to tell the rest of the family, but in doing so we knew we were acknowledging the inevitable. 

He didn't really speak again until my cousin arrived from the Isle of Man - only 5 hours after we phoned her.  He woke, and said "hello darling"

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