Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It's Just the Way it is...

A mark of how life is moving on.

Boy is heading off to America in less than 3 weeks.   My baby boy.

One side of my heart is so proud of him, envious even, of the opportunity that he is getting.  A new country, new people, new friends, training, travel,learning; it is mind exploding. 

The other side of my heart is sad.  It isn't broken, I just know that this is the point we, my husband and I have worked towards.   Making a human being so confident in himself, that he is able to take this step, and move away, so very, very far away and start out on his own.  I'm proud that we achieved what we promised ourselves as we felt Betsy Bump move.  A friend, a son to be proud of, and a confident adult who we know won't let us down.

How he will fare is anyone's guess.  He will be playing his sport, Volleyball which he loves, and getting the chance to travel length and breath of North America's to do so.  He will be studying English.  I hope that I can encourage him to blog, because I know that his learning and travels along side his humour will make for the best reading.

I'm not blogging as much these days, because I'm blipping.    But I will try.

Someone else might find the experience useful.

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