Monday, May 21, 2012

Sometimes, It's Hard to be A woman.

I felt the urge to write tonight.

I haven't been feeling well for a couple of weeks.  It started with a cough, and developed into pain in my chest.  I got an emergency appointment and was prescribed anti-biotics.  I took the anti-biotics, and took a Friday afternoon off.   I went back to work on Monday, and felt okay. By Wednesday, I was coughing again, worse than before. 

I called the Doctor, and asked for another prescription.  He prescribed me different anti-biotics and I started them.  Friday morning- a week after my half day, I was back in bed again.    

I've been poopy all weekend, and now It's Monday, and I was in bed still.   I think I'll go back to work tomorrow, but I'm not right.    I have an appointment on Friday for the doctors, andn I've also got an appointment for the nurse, for my asthma check up, and a bloody smear.  Shit It's great to be a girl!

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