Monday, August 27, 2012


Travelsupermarket are running a competition to let us display the colour in our world.... to display this, you have to publish a blog which shows the five colours.  Blue, Green, Yellow, White and Red......

I love my colourful pictures, and I hope you love my colours too!

A beautiful Blue Sunset over the West Coast of Scotland.... Could sit here all night watching this.

A gorgeous dandelion  - I never understand why people think these are weeds! They are lovely!


Now - White - I think this was a weed, but it wasn't stopping this honeybee enjoying its flowers!

Red, red raspberries from the garden!  Now steeping in a bottle of vodka, to make me Raspberry Infused Vodka for the winter nights!

Green Apple from my Apple Tree which is going to give us beautiful apple crumbles to go along with the Raspberry Vodka!!Lol

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