Sunday, November 11, 2012

1. Have you anything to confess today? I confess that I love my husband probably as much as I ever have. 
2. have you ever broken a law? If so, what was it?  I don't believe so.  If so, I must have done it under the influence of alcohol and forgotten.

3. have you ever committed an act of betrayal against a friend or family member? explain.  No.  I am a good person. But that doesn't stop people committing them against you.
4. Has someone else done something that, to this day, makes you cringe when you think about them committing the act?.  I saw someone on the TV the other day, playing with meat and then eating raw fruit with unwashed hands.
5. Have you ever found yourself sexually aroused by someone that you absolutely should not have been?  Yes, I had a very bad dream last night I am still wiping bleach thru my hair.
6. have you ever cheated at school? how so? No,I told you before, I am a good gal.
7. What if you came across a backpack stuffed with one hundred thousand dollars. Would you keep it?Yes, I bloody well would.
8. What if you were the most powerful person in the world. How would you use that power?  For good.  I repeat. I am a good person.  I might also make sure that my family were okay.
9. What if you found a magic lamp?  I would keep it and cherish it for a while, and then set the Genie free, only after ensuring he wasn't a bad bastard confined in it for being EVIL.
10. What if you could change one thing about the world. What would that one thing be?  Borders, racism.
11. What if you could take one thing back. What would that one thing be?   I would like to take back, every apology I have ever made. 
12. What if you were stuck on an island forever but had all the water, food and shelter you needed. What would you do?   Dream.
13. What if the internet didn't exist?  I wouldn't waste so mch time.

14. What if you never started blogging?  I would still be writing a diary.
15. What are your November 22 Thanksgiving plans?  I am in UK we don't do Thanksgiving. I will be sniggering at my son, celebrating Thanksgiving. 

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