Sunday, November 25, 2012

My Best Holiday

My Menorca Villa are running a competition to find the winner of the "My Best Holiday" competition... it got me thinking, which was my best holiday?

The last holiday I spent with my Mum and Dad could arguably be my best holiday.  It started off as what I thought was going to be my worst nightmare.

"We've booked one last holiday for you to come with me and your dad", said mum.  "two weeks in a hotel in Menorca - a room for three".  At 17 the very prospect of two weeks in a tightly enclosed place with both my parents was the stuff of nightmares!

Mum worked part-time in a little travel agents and had gone to great lengths to book the cheapest flights, and phoned the hotel personally to organise it.   We set off on the day, my heart was half happy at the prospect of sun, half terrified at having to share with both parents....   The plane was delayed by 3 hours.  Good Start.  When we arrived, of course we had no agents to direct us to buses to get us to the hotel... We got in a taxi and my Dad spoke in the Local Tongue to get us to Punta Prima.... by local tongue, I mean his version, shouting at 10 decibels louder  that required in broken English.  The taxi driver looked in his mirror and raised his eye brows.   I looked out the window and wished I was somewhere else.

When we arrived, we were so late, the hotel had decided that we weren't coming and had let our room to someone else.   They had no other rooms.  We looked so dejected they started to phone round and find something for us; but then the manager appeared and advised that due to their error, he had found something that we hoped would be suitable.   He walked us a little way across the road from the hotel, and into a beautiful lush garden, he guided us to the side of a building and up a flight of stairs, dripping in clematis... and honeysuckle.  And opened the door to the two bedroomed villa which he "hope would suffice" for the holiday.

Suffice?  This was luxury beyond anything we could have dreamed of.  There were balconies running round the whole building, there were two bedrooms, a living room, kitchen and dining room, and our own bathroom.    We tried to look "slightly" disappointed at not being in the hotel.... and waited until he was gone and then jumped around like children.

The rest of the holiday was a dream, a wander to the hotel for coffee and bread in the morning, a walk onto the beach for some sun and some swimming.  Lunch on the beach side restaurant which played "J'taime" on a regular repeat.

An afternoon siesta, a wander to the hotel for evening meal, and drinks on the balcony listening to the crickets in the garden.

A great holiday, and great memories of time with mum and dad.

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