Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sunday Stealing.....

From: Quizopolis and transferred to Sunday Stealing

Favorite summer flower: Hmmm, I have Poppies right now which I love, but nothing beats the smell and colour of Sweetpeas

Flavor of ice cream:  Scottish Vanilla with Tablet

 of transportation:  Bike Bella Bella Specifically

Music:  Happy music

Food:  tasty food. 

Favorite game to play:  Hide and Seek. I have recently recruited D at work to play with me.   I like to seek.  I laugh too much when I am hiding.

Earliest childhood summer memory:   Being all lumpy with heat stroke, covered in calamine lotion, laying on a white cotton sheet in a shaded bedroom 

Favorite Drink:  Raspberry Cosmopolitan

Favorite Snack:  Salt and Sweet Popcorn

Place to read:  Cuddled in a chair.

Most annoying:  Being angry

How I handle the heat:   Open all the windows wear as little as I can.

Pet Peeve: Being angry
All-time favorite bathing suit:  One with a little skirt on it, to hide my bumps

Best Time of Day:   Any time of day, being alive is a privilege. 

Most romantic:  Bed time.

Summer movie:  Fifty First Dates


  1. I am wondering what Scottish Vanilla with Tablet ice cream tastes like. It sounds good.

  2. I love your answer to Best Time of the Day. I remember being covered in calamine lotion too!

  3. I've never heard of that kind of vanilla. Bet it's good though

  4. Absolutely, being alive is a privilege. Great answers, and the one about Peeve is brilliant!

  5. Happy music! What a great answer! :-)