Thursday, July 17, 2014

You're Such a Big Star to Me....

There is no situation that cannot be made better by beautiful lighting.

My favourite thing in the whole world is to sit in my garden, on a warm summer's night (Yes, I know this is Scotland, and those are few and far between, but that is exactly why they are so special), surrounded by the glow of garden lights, and lanterns, and lamps.  

There is such an array of lamps and lighting available now, it is impossible not to find something to suit your taste and which fits your purse. 

Buildings too - the addition of lighting on the outside of your house makes it stand out, and adds such character.  Something as simple as down lighting on your porch, or under your window frames... add a dimension to your home which makes it stand out in a neighbourhood of sameness. 

I can't understand why everyone else keeps garden lighting til Christmas time. Take the plunge light up your garden and house all year round.  Make it a magical sparkling place. 

See the lighting expert for more hints and tips 

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