Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Old Home Town, Looks just the same

The Old Home Town Looks Just the Same..

ABC of Troon.  G is for GOATFELL VIEW

The home of choice for the Dogwithnobrain. 

When we viewed this house, in 1998, we didn't think we'd get it, but a couple of phone calls, an offer, and it was ours and in January 1999 we moved in.  

It has been the happiest of homes. 

The Children grew and flourished.  They had friends, and parties, and sleepovers, and homework, and favourite tv programmes, their own rooms, secrets, and shouting and family dinners at the tables.   It's still home for them, and the door will always be open and a bed available for them. Always.  (And their friends :-))

Himself and me have been happy here.  We've laughed together, loved together, and he has always been there for me whether it's my unpredictable sobbing, or my tourettes, or just general craziness.    He's astounded me with his DIY and Repair skills, and other times had me on my knees laughing with them. 

We've loved pets and lost pets, planted stuff, and grew stuff, killed stuff, nourished stuff.  

We've all bounced and slept on the trampoline in the garden, we've had bbqs, and late night star watching sessions. We've played hide and seek in the dark, and laughed til my pingpong incontinence kicks in.  Himself has tolerated me hanging lights, bunting, ladybirds, and bees from the trees. 

We've got the loveliest of neighbours... even the type who help you push your car out of an upward sloping drive at 8am in the morning kind of neighbours.   (Thank you so much you wonderful being)

We've watched upwards of 20 kids grown from between ages 5 and 10 to adulthood and some of them start families of their own, cheered when our neighbour's kids have succeeded, as they have cheered on ours.  

And no.. I can't see Goatfell from the house.... I can see the far south end of Arran - I did check that this morning before I left the house.

Here's to many more years of happy days in Goatfell View. 

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