Saturday, November 26, 2011

Saturday Nine!

1. There's a Time Genie. She can put you back in time to relive a day that you loved. If you could turn back the hands of time, what day would you relive if given this opportunity?    
Ooooh.  So many to choose from...My Wedding day?  Was a great day.  The Day I met the Queen?  Also a great day.  The day I met my husband, Brilliant day.   A day in Paris, when I realised life was worth living?   I think it would be the Paris day.  I already had my husband and my children; I was at a point in my life, when I was stressed, depressed, and hitting the big 40.    We had a perfect day, a perfect evening and topped it off, drinking champagne on the rooftop of our hotel, watching the spot light on the top of Eifel Tower, spinning round.  Heaven.  Life at that moment was perfect, and I knew the rest of it would follow.

2. What did you do yesterday?  
I was at work. Working hard! :-)    Then I came home, and sat around watching TV in the evening. 

3. You've been given 3 parachutes, but there are 4 people who need them. Who will you not give one to: Mel Gibson, Charlie Sheen, Kim Kardashian, or Simon Cowell? Why?  
Kim Kardashian.  I don't understand what the point of her is.  Mel Gibson made Braveheart and Signs.   Simon Cowell keeps a lot of people in work; Charlie Sheen, also keeps a lot of people in work too; Newspapers, Drug Re-habilitation officers, Drug Dealers, Chat Show Hosts, ad finitum.

4. Where are you going and where have you been?
I have been through at least half my life.  I still have a long way to go.

5. They say that books read as a child make more of an impact on a person than books read at any other time in life. Are there any books that you particularly loved, that shaped the way you think when you were little? 
The Silver Sword.   A story about children in warn torn Austria trying to find there way back to their parents.

6. What do you look forward to most in the next six weeks?
Christmas !!!!

7. What was the last text message you received?  
From me Mam. She is ALWAYS texting.

8. Do you prefer to call or text? 
Texting I like.  Calling I like, Which is better?  I prefer to call when I have some bitching to do. 

9. What were you doing at 9PM last night?
At 9 pm last night I was watching I'm a Celebrity .... Quite enjoying this years series in fact. Ant and Dec are going above and beyond entertainment, pushing the boundary's of being too rude for much.

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