Monday, January 23, 2012

Diamond Candles??? 

I want me some of them?

You want me to review them...... Do I really need to burn them????

Oh Heavens, above, YES I DO!!!

Dilemma....   Diamond Ring inside..... Lovely candle wax which will disappear on the outside.

Dearie, me... I browse around Bloggers, and Twitterers, and occassionally something takes my fancy.... but these... Oh heavens, I'm intrigued now.  Desperately want to get my hands on one.      I love candles, I burn Tea Lights constantly, I burn Yankee Candle Votives all the time, but don't  buy me gorgeous, gorgeous candles, I can't bear to see them melt away.   But with these...... Oh no.  I'd have to burn them to get to the joy inside!

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