Monday, July 08, 2013

Back on the Chain Gang...

Back on the bike after a two week absence... wow did my knees feel it.

I couldn't work out last week, why my knee was so sore!  It wasn't the fall from the previous week, but my god, i could barely bend it.   I hopped down the stairs, and filled myself up with painkillers, and muddled through the day.

It was only when I got in the car and the pain re-stressed itself, I realised it was the monumental amount of driving I had done on Wednesday which had set it off; so prompted stopped driving and refused to give anyone lifts.  Much better .

But anyways - back on the bike this morning, I couldn't not - it is a glorious day, and it would have been a proper shame not to use it.  I took my time, cause I left in plenty, and I still made in in 29 minutes.  My longest time, (when I started) was 36 minutes.  I've been as fast as.... 26minutes, so I haven't lost it!

Bella Bella, the bike, was happy for me to be back... She doesn't want to sit in the shed.  I think it need to blow her tyres a bit!

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