Sunday, July 07, 2013

Strange but interesting

For three years, I have had a virtual relationship with J.

Friends, no more no less; he writes, I comment.  I write, he comments. Sometimes he proffers advice, but in the main, he laughs with me, and offers humour to my woes.

yesterday he told me "tomorrow I retire".

I couldn't understand how he could be retiring on a Sunday.

He works all over UK, and the world, on examining boards, but it turns out this is only a part-time job.  His other job, is a minister.

three years, of my declaring everything nul and void when it comes to  faith, and three years of not judging.

I do like him even more now.

1 comment:

  1. sounds wonderful. the world needs more people like him! you are blessed.

    love reading your blog, tho i haven't left many (if any) comments. my bad.

    hope that sore knee is feeling better too!