Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Just another manic today....

Yesterday, mum was sunbathing in the garden and was looking at her kindle, and her chair collapsed backwards.

Her head hit the step of the patio, and her bum got stuck in the chair.

Unwilling to let the young, gorgeous next door neighbour witness her plight, she rolled around low, until she could creep in the house - all the while bleeding profusely from the wound on her head.

She phoned me.and said "are you busy".  I said "I am at work, I am always busy".

"oh", says she" That's okay.

What's wrong?

"I had an accident".

Thinking she had a car crash (because she's done it before.... a few times), I said "Oh god, where are you".

"In the house, I fell off the deckchair, my head is bleeding but it is at the back and I can't see it, and I wondered if you could come round and have a look, but if you are busy".

"Mum, I will get someone, I 'm on my bike... Please go and sit down, until I find someone".

"I'm going for a shower, I don't want anyone to see me with all this blood over me!!!"


Husband and Daughter got there, within minutes of each other and both made the same diagnosis.


5 stitches later and an local anesthetic, and she was out having fun meeting with family .

Dearie me

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