Monday, February 17, 2014

Random Questions

1. Did you watch the Super Bowl? If so, what was your favorite part?   Nope I didn't.  But Phil at work did.   He loved it.  Something about the Offensive, and the defensive doing the opposite thing. 
2. What is the weather like where you live?   Really weird.  Really weird.  Windy, rainy, Sunny, sleeting.  All over the place. 
3. When is your birthday?   April. :-)  Spring time.
4. Do you prefer sparkling water or flat water?   I like both.  But I like to ask for Tap Water in a restaurant because in Scotland Tap Water is best. 
5. How many hours did you sleep last night?   A lot. I went to bed at 9, and woke at 7. 
6. What is your favorite day of the week?   Monday?  because it is so busy. Friday, because it is the last day of the working week.... Both of them pass quick, quick, quicky
7. If you had to choose between riding a bike or swimming, which would choose?   Oh goodness. I have Bella Bella the bike.  I love Bella bella.  BUt I love to swim too, but pool water is dirty. 
8. How often do you eat red meat?   as often as someone cooks it for me. 
9. What time did you wake up this morning?   7 ish. 
10. Do you have any goals for the week?   To get there. 

1 comment:

  1. i love your last answer and i certainly hope you got THERE. weather here SUCKS. snow is up to my thighs and just above covers my dog. my skylights are all covered in snow which makes my house dark and cold. no wonder my gas bill is astronomical! anyway, hope you're staying warm and that the sun is shining brightly. have a great week.