Sunday, February 09, 2014

Sunday Stealing

Cupid's Questions Meme

from Kodelaine  

1.)Do you like Valentine's Day?    No.  no. no.  Is one of these days, when people feel awful.  Either for being a recipient, or for not being a recipient.  The only happy people are those in relationships (strong relationships) who don't need a gift, or get one guaranteed.

2.)Are you going to celebrate it?   Nah. Unless I can convince my husband to buy me diamonds. (Only joking, I have no need)  I would ebay them :-)

3.)Celebrate Valentine's Day with Friends or someone Special?      If I was to celebrate, it would be with people I love.... not just "someone" i love. 

4.)Pink or red?   Red.  Red brings out the colour in my eyes.  ha ha ha

5.)Candy Hearts OR cards?    We don't do candy hearts in UK.... Cards, chocolates, Heart Shaped Cookies, and loads of Red Roses

6.)A short kiss or a big hug?     BIG HUG.

7.)What are your plans for V-day?    Nada.   Nul..... Nothing.

8.)What would be the best gift to receive?   Hmmmm, I would like a pot of daffodils. I love daffodils.

9.)Would get back with any of your ex's for V-day?    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha NO

10.)Is there a food or beverage you associate with V-day?     Sparkling wine  with sugar lumps and brandy 

11.) What are your thoughts on "Love at first sight"?   It happens.  It happened to me. 

12.)Do you think people who have dated can stay friends?     I would have liked to think so. But I know otherwise. 

13.) If you could go back in time and give yourself one piece of advice about dating or relationships what would it be?      None... Everything was good.... and it happened awhen it happened. 


  1. regrets, no dating advice to your younger self. That is a good attitude. Not mine, lol, but good.

  2. No regrets? That's terrific. Never had sparkling wine with sugar lumps and brandy. Might have to give that a whirl.

  3. Daffodils would cheer me up around this time of year. It's so gloomy and cold here in Northern Maine.

  4. #4 is a kick in the Head! ROTFLOL! And that drink sounds yummy,too. I also believe that love at first sight happens. I'm still going off Valentine's Day but keeping hearts as a favorite shape. lol

  5. I agree, Daffodils are a Lovely gift and I'd join in on the sugar lump drinkie poo.